Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm the Queen of Hearts...or at least I feel like it!

I have drawn sooooo many hearts this week...I feel like a teenager again. I think that is when I drew the most hearts. Here are pictures of the sides of Chloe's painting with the "skewed hearts with tails" that I mentioned previously. I hope it doesn't make the painting look too busy, but I actually like the little hearts. They are two colors-the dark and light pink that is on the front in the polka-dots, although it is hard to tell in the picture. This one still needs some cleaning up around the edges of the letters and circles, a few more coats on the colors, varnished, and then off to Jess and Chloe! I hope they like it! I did show Jess and in her words she said she, "loves loves loves it!" That makes me so happy when people say that because you just want it to be exactly what they hoped for, ya know?!

By the way, the Giveaway is later today!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!