Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yeehaw! CRC and 'Yeehaw' are Almost Done!

Here are the two previous pieces I referred to...I still need to do some "cleaning up" of some edges of the letters, do a few details, and varnish them, but for the most part, they are complete! To be more specific, 'Yeehaw' will look like a rope at the end! I get somewhat stressed when I am doing paintings because I want them to be JUST RIGHT! I really want the owners of the new pieces to love them, not just think they are okay. Anyhow, I did decide to go with 'Yeehaw' on the one instead of 'Giddy Up'. I thought that 'Giddy Up' would look better, but it turns out I was wrong; 'Yeehaw' looked much better! I will post final pics when they are completely complete (hehe he he), but I was so excited, I had to post something. Anyone who actually reads my blog, please comment! I must mention that the linking 'CRC' design is not originally mine; my friend asked for it to be the same way it was on her shower invitation and announcements.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Wish I were at the Beach!

This is my front/main bathroom and I recently changed some of the things in there from like a nautical theme to more of a scaled-down beachy theme-nothing special. When I got my new shower curtain, I thought how cute some paintings would be to go with it. This was like 4 or 5 months ago! I started on the paintings the night I bought it and just finished putting a shell and starfish on yesterday. I have never painted a shell before and didn't realize how hard it would be..oh well, here they are...no close-ups of the shell!

Sneek Peeks for the Cowboy Designs

So here are the initial pictures for the two paintings I mentioned the the last post. On the "gingham"-looking one, I plan to white out a space in the middle and either rope it off or do some barb wire and then the initials CRC in the middle because they have more of a rodeo theme. On the other, they are going for more of a classic/Pottery Barnish theme, but still cute, so I think I will attempt to do the lettering itself in the form of a rope and she wants it to say "Giddy Up" or "Yeehaw". I think "Giddy Up" looks better in the font. By the way, the colors around the edge of the second one are barn red, deep blue, golden yellow, and burnt sienna-it's hard to tell in the picture. The colors wrap around the edge, respectively. Hopefully I will have these finished by the end of the week and will have more pics.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm So Excited!!

So, I emailed a lot of my friends and told them all to check out my new blog design that I got from a great place http://leeloublogs.blogspot.com/ for FREE and it was SOOO easy. Well, after I uploaded and tried a few of her designs on my blog, I left her a comment about how great that was of her and how wonderful her designs are! She emailed me back and is such a nice person! Check out her new designs at the link above and don't forget to put a button on your blog to give her credit for the design. I just got this great new leaves one for the fall. Love it!

On another note of excitement, I am working on a painting for her as well as another friend's adorable baby boy and, ironically, they both have cowboy-type themes. So cute! I'll have some pics to show soon. I have actually started and finished a piece for each of them, but they are ROUGH drafts!! I do mean rough! So no peeks! Sorry...I'll have something to show soon because I do pretty much have the design down now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nie Nie Recovery Auction

I heard about this silent auction on a blog that I read almost daily(http://www.kimwheeler.blogspot.com/) and it is a great cause. The mother and father of this family were in a plane accident and they are in critical condition. They also have 4 young children. Please check out the items up for auction by clicking on the link below. You can also donate money at either one of the following links.
Today's Creative Blog: Nie Nie Recovery Auction ~ 1st item

For more information about the family and to see updates on their recovery click on this link.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on my art in a couple local places...

Ok, so here's the lowdown on the great opportunity I had to place some samples at The Monkeys Treehouse http://www.themonkeystreehouse.com/ and The Poshtachio Patch http://www.poshpatch.com/. A friend of mine went to The Monkeys Treehouse to play and said she did not see any of my artwork in the lobby. So, I emailed both owners to touch base and the owner of The Monkeys Treehouse said she was re-thinking the lobby because nothing was really selling since parents really just come there to play and not really to shop. She informed me at the beginning that sales of items in the lobby had been hit or miss so we had to give it a try, right!? Thanks for the great opportunity anyhow. Well, I got a response from the owner of The Posh Patch later and she had kind of a different response. She said several people had seen the paintings from across the room and liked them, but they could see some minor defects. I admit this because I made several paintings that I thought were for example purposes only and had made them in a short amount of time. I didn't realize she wanted to sell them right off the wall. So, I am making a few with the popular colors, patterns, and letters for her shop and hopefully they will sell. However, I am going to ask her if people can just do the sale through her, but still come to me with details for custom pieces. Anyhow, here are a few preliminary pics of the two I am working on. The dots on the edges wrap around too for a cool effect. I need to do another coat or two on the lettering, clean up the edges, then varnish them. Hopefully we will have success this time around!