Monday, August 25, 2008

Preston's a Lion!!

This is the cardboard cutout thing I did for my friend's son's carnival theme birthday party with Preston behind it! So fun and so cute with the kids behind it!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally Finished...and Just in Time

I got a lot of good painting done yesterday and last night and just varnished the paintings I have been posting about for Abigail, Ryan, and baby Jayla (due in November to my best friend Angie). I had the bedding to look at for Abby and Ryan, but for Jayla, all I had to look at was basically this . I had a very small pamphlet from Babies 'R' Us, but the pic on the Internet is about the same size. I hope the parents like them...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paintings for Baby Jayla

These are for a gift for a baby shower, so if anyone reads this and knows Angie and John DON"T tell them!!! PLEASE!!! I just wanted to post these while they are in progress too. I need to have these finished by Sunday for the shower. (I've got a lot of painting to do-I should be painting instead of posting) I really only think one person reads by blog anyhow. (Thanks, Rach) I love the bedding they picked-Love Bug by Carter's-so cute! My plan is to do the name on the one with the wavy frame and then do some flowers/lady bugs/butterflies from the pattern on the the other, but I may need to do it opposite now that I think about it-yeah. Ok, I think as I blog...Oh, well...I'll have updates on these soon as well since I need to finish them too.

A Lion for Ryan

My friend's son Ryan is turning two tomorrow and her sis-in-law had a great idea to do a carnival theme; I think it is so cute and unique! They asked me to paint a lion with the face cut out so the kiddies could take their pictures through it. So here it is! The face is not cut out yet because I need to do an accurate measurement of a two year old face. Anyhow, this was fun to paint. Not perfect by any means, but I think it will be cute with the kids behind it. I am also going to do face painting there and do little lion faces on them before they take their picture.

By the way, this is the birthday party I have to have the striped paintings done before; I better get to work, it's on Saturday!

Update on "Works in Progress"

Here are the two paintings I last blogged about with the additions in the center and "whited out" to make them faint because the names will also go in the middle. I am giving one of these at a birthday party this weekend (see next post), so the names will be done soon. I almost wish there was some way I didn't have to white out the pics in the middle because they are just so cute (the pictures themselves, not necessarily the way I painted them); I was just so in love with the stripes! The final pics will be posted soon.